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You know, I never would have thought that I would have actually enjoyed this show. It’s on after Dancing with the Stars though and so the channel is on there anyway. Well, I’ve caught two or three of the last episodes fast forwarding through some of it to catch the crucial interactions between the Bachelor, Matt, and various ladies in the show.

Here’s the show’s premise, super cute hunky Investment Banker boy from London comes to America to find the ideal woman for him – 24 (I think) contestants are up to the task. I haven’t looked at how they audition for the show, but anyhow, each week, some of them are sent home after the “rose” ceremony. At the end of each show, Matt offers a rose to the women he wants to stay. Needless to say the other women are crushed to be sent packing.

Anyway, it’s down to 4 now and Matt gets to go to each of their respective home towns to meet “the family”. One of the contestants is Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter and the previews for the whole show this week look hysterical. A practical joke is played on Matt (you know those Brit senses of humor) and one of the moms comes onto him! OMG, it looks SO funny. Needless to say, I may just watch this whole episode.

What the pure funny part of this is my brain thinking “gosh, wouldn’t it be wild if someone was scrapbooking this whole courtship thing???” Am I a die hard or what?? How could you better explain to the family or future generations how you met? I guess they can look at the DVD episodes down the road, but a scrapbook would just be the icing on the cake IMO. 🙂



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