Scraps of thoughts, photos and art


Title letters are often difficult to decide on when working on a project. My thought process is to think about the “feel” to the project – is it casual or formal? fun or serious? a lot to say or a little?

Thinking about this part of the title in advance can help decide the direction to go in when picking the size and font of the letters. In the case of a casual title, think of any fun characters or images that you could use as letters. In the easel title above, I used a heart as the “U” in luv. Also, can there be a fun, alternative spelling for a casual project? Use this to your advantage!

Material and texture can also play a big part in making the project successful. For the example above, I used colored craft foam cut with a Sizzix Sidekick and Sizzix Stencil Alphabet. The foam is easy to cut with the machine. I layered a solid piece behind the cut letter for a color contrast. I find that “The Ultimate” glue from Crafter’s Corner or specific glue for craft foam both work well. Set-up time is minimal and a good bond is there after only a couple minutes. Happy crafting!



Some Odd Girl

Sizzix Blinkie

Origami Owl anyone?