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A Week in the Life

Oh boy, what a week! DAY 7 is here! I forgot to take a pic of myself yesterday, so can I cheat and put in 2 today? I must admit that I didn’t feel like taking my picture because I didn’t shower! Uh-oh, my secret is out! After being a bit rudely awakened around 6:30am by MY car alarm (whole other story), the day just wasn’t the same. Oh well, happens right? It just so happens that the incident may get it’s own page in my WITL album!

Anyway, I have another card to share from the last crop that I attended. It’s an Inque Boutique stamped card made with a set of Morsels, those itty bitty stamps that are SO cool! I had fun with it for sure.

Uh-oh, sorry! Yesterday was just ONE of those days, but ended very well! The girls from Scrapbook Central took me out for a birthday dinner to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Boca and it was totally yummy! Thank YOU very much! I even ate the leftovers for lunch today!

Today was another very busy day which ended well too. 🙂 DB and me went to Duffy’s for dinner. Really good food even though it’s a tad loud in there. As he put it tonight “the perfect place for someone with ADD” since there are a million tv’s and lots of activity. Conversation is kept at a minimum, so just know that going into it!

Here are some projects from a recent My Mind’s Eye 29th Market Street review for you to see from ScrapFriends. My aunt looks completely hot with her do-up! Uncle looks pretty hot too!

My Mind's Eye, 29th Market Street

My Mind's Eye, 29th Market Street

Ok, I must admit that I didn’t do a whole lot of picture taking today. It was dreary out, so I focused on some macro shots inside the house using the camera. I also successfully downloaded the pics off my BlackBerry to my computer for filing!

I was able to pump out a Swedish Collage card too over the last couple of days to meet the challenge at Starving Artistamps. Once you get into it, these cards are FUN! Here’s my version using the Tropics DoodleFactory set from SA.

Starving Artistamps

How did it go? Did you take a pic of yourself? If you haven’t yet, make sure you do it today by taking a pic of yourself in the mirror, holding the camera out in front of you or giving someone else the task! Save any receipts from Monday? Any emails? Any news? Watch any tv?

This is just a friendly reminder to jot down any notes before you go to bed each night. It’s a nice way to empty your brain. 🙂 Good luck today!

YOU have an interesting life, whether you work at home or out of the house. Believe me, you do! I had the pleasure of spending a full day with Ali Edwards at CKU Orlando a couple of years ago creating an entire album about a week in MY life. At first it seemed like a mountain of homework, picture taking and assembly. It was SO worth it! I love looking back at my album and seeing my life for that 1 week. It’s a great snapshot in time of your everyday schedule.

Ali is going to do this project again and I want to join her! Anyone want to join us? I can help you through it since I’ve been there and Ali will too of course! She’s going to put up some great info tomorrow on her blog about it, so take a look. You’ll NEVER be sorry that you did it, believe me. Do I have time to do this? Will I take enough pictures? Will I write down the memories every day? All that I can say is that I WILL DO MY BEST. 🙂 Come on, I know you want to! Let’s buckle down and have some great fun while recording these 7 consecutive days in our lives next week.

Leave a comment and let me know if you’re in. There’s never a better time than now.



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