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Altered Card File

Ok, I am a sucker for goofing around with paper and anything that strikes my fancy! I completed this review for ScrapFriends on this Card File product from How Do You Glue in TX. Chris and I met them at CHA in February and knew they needed a review. I completely, undeniably, LOVE my altered card file! I thought I would like it when I first saw it, but I LOVE it after working on it. I’ve been trying to get an altered birthday rolodex done for ages, probably almost 2 years now, and now I’ve finally gotten to it.

Ok, how do you glue the paper on right? Well, I used a sheet of double-sided thin PERMANENT adhesive (imagine the red Kukoyo tape runner available in a sheet) on the back of each paper piece to secure the paper down well. DO NOT use repositionable adhesive, dot adhesive or something remotely like it. Perfect Paper Adhesive (PPA), PVA Glue (white Elmer’s style glue), spray adhesive or Mod Podge would also work. I opted for the dry adhesive – less mess and fuss.

Where do you get a sheet of adhesive like this? The only reason that I have this is from an engineering sample, so to make your own, use your tape runner around the backside edges of the paper that you want to attach to the card file. Make a big adhesive “X” in the middle and put it around any cut-out parts (like holes) and around areas that will bend around corners. Adhere to the item and you should be more than good!

The edges were sanded with the BasicGrey File Set (LOVE THAT! Get one now if you don’t have one) and I used my easel bumpers to put on the bottom for non-skid purposes. I Stickled the heck out of the design of the BasicGrey Sultry paper for lots of sparkle and stamped the dividers and cards with a bunch of Inque Boutique stamps. Gotta love THOSE stamps! Anyway, I’m really happy with the result, so thanks to Kelli and Vicki for making such a cool product.

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