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Clear stamps are wonderful in that they allow you to see where you’re stamping. I find it especially useful when needing to overstamp or restamp an image that didn’t quite come out dark enough the first time around. By being aware of the position of your mount during stamping, going back over the image again can be done with a little patience. I’m not a truly “exact” stamper, meaning that everything needs to be straight and perfect, but a crisp, clear, dark image is what I strive for when stamping. I usually always have a back-up plan in case the 2nd stamping does come out right.

One old faithful back-up is to stamp the image on an entirely new piece of paper and cover the original spot completely. The trick is making it look like it belongs there, not just placed over the area obviously to cover a mistake! Ink the edges, layer different papers underneath or doodle to blend and embellish.

Another favorite is to use a Ranger nib to color in the ink where it is light or missing. Basically, touch the nib to the ink pad and use it as a pen to fill in the area. Going slow is the key here. Remember that ink is your friend and you can always put more on whereas removing it is nearly impossible which requires the implementation of the first trick above!

Yet another trick is to fill in the area with a like-colored marker. Stamping in black allows this as a great back-up plan, colors are a bit more difficult. Keep a white pen handy so that maybe coloring the background provides the best option instead of coloring the image.

When all else fails, add an embellishment! Paper flowers, bling or brads make a nice camouflage over a section that needs some help.

Below are some projects using the Holiday Whimsey set and the review can be seen on ScrapFriends.

Tinkering Ink Stamps

Tinkering Ink Stamps

Tinkering Ink Stamps

Tinkering Ink Stamps

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