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Uh-oh, sorry! Yesterday was just ONE of those days, but ended very well! The girls from Scrapbook Central took me out for a birthday dinner to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Boca and it was totally yummy! Thank YOU very much! I even ate the leftovers for lunch today!

Today was another very busy day which ended well too. 🙂 DB and me went to Duffy’s for dinner. Really good food even though it’s a tad loud in there. As he put it tonight “the perfect place for someone with ADD” since there are a million tv’s and lots of activity. Conversation is kept at a minimum, so just know that going into it!

Here are some projects from a recent My Mind’s Eye 29th Market Street review for you to see from ScrapFriends. My aunt looks completely hot with her do-up! Uncle looks pretty hot too!

My Mind's Eye, 29th Market Street

My Mind's Eye, 29th Market Street

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